Kawah Putih: White Crater Lake in Bandung, Indonesia

If you are looking for a somewhere dreamlike, Kawah Putih or what is called “White Crater” is the place that you can definitely visit. Kawah Putih is a crater lake that is shrouded by mist and the water is highly acidic and because of that the water appears milky turquoise in color to yellowish on the edges of the lake. And with the addition of blackened tree trunks due to Sulfur, it definitely looks like a fantasy movie place or a haunted forest.

The water is reported to have an acidity of pH 0.5–1.3 so you should definitely avoid getting skin contact because it is really not good for your skin. We also suggest that you bring a mask to avoid breathing in so much Sulfur because although the air is not that strong, we were advised that there are days that it is really strong. Don’t worry though because there are stalls that offer them for a slightly higher price.

There is not much to do in Kawah Putih except sightseeing and photography. You are not allowed to swim and there are no fishes because the water is very acidic. Also you are only allowed 30 minutes to do sight seeing because we all know that Sulfur and human lungs are not meant to go together.

But although the stay is just for half an hour, no swimming, the smell is not that nice and there is not so much to do. The view is very magnificent that people are still going. The combination of fantasy and reality and the out of this world beauty is more than enough to keep you entertained. The place is very instagram-worthy for those travel and instagram addicts out there. Definitely a must visit place in Indonesia.

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