Mount Merapi: Yogyakarta’s famous volcano

World of Wonders Travel and Tours went to Jakarta, Indonesia last December to further improve our capabilities to serve you. We have been doing familiarization tours so that we can guarantee you with a relaxing and worry-free vacation. The Ministry of Tourism and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia collaborated with travel agencies in Manila and we are one of those agencies that were chosen to represent and promote tourism in Indonesia. This write up will discuss one of the famous tourist attraction in Wonderful Indonesia.

Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia and history has it written that it’s most destructive eruption last October of 2010 wherein it spewed out molten lava and ashes for days and the ground shook multiple times due to seismic activities in the area. This eruption left with 353  people losing their lives and unaccounted number of injuries and livelihood damages.

Those horrible event in the past is now one of the tours that you can explore. They offer jeep tours so that tourist can learn and see the history and learn how destructive a volcanic eruption is. The scenery is really beautiful and insta-worthy. If you check out the Museum Sisa Hartaku you will see a collection of different things that a former resident collected to show the examples of the power of eruption. It shows a glimpse of what Mount Merapi used to look like and how powerful that eruption is.

The jeep ride to the foot of Mount Merapi is very bumpy and is really a rough road but it is part of the experience. You will feel your adrenaline rushing because of the bumps that the jeep will go through and them swerving around the holes. The highest point that the jeep tour can reach is the village of Kaliadem. This is a stop where you can buy refreshments and be able to meet other traveler who went to see the Majestic Mount Merapi.

I understand why Mount Merapi is one of the popular place in Yogyakarta, the giant volcano is standing tall with the fiery lava rumbling inside waiting to explode. It is also a symbol of hope that shows that there is a calm after the storm (in this case a storm of ashes and lava). It also shows how brave the people are and is willing to continue living after such tragedy.

Here are some of the photos that we have on this Mount Merapi tour. Until the next post. Enjoy and keep on traveling.

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